Workboat UK first hire clocks up 1 month.

Workboat Multi supporting IYE paddlers

IYE using Multi MkIII to support paddlers exploring Loch Lomond.

Check out ‘In Your Element’ Take a look at IYE offering fun on the water at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch.  Seen here using Workboat UK’s first hired Multi MkIII to help keep everyone safe.

Pioner Multi ‘in it’s element’!

The workboat landing craft type vessel is ideal for safety standby and rescue activities with the capacity to lower the bow door.  Lowering the bow door makes it easy to recover people or canoes, paddle boards, walk on water balls or other equipment from the water onto the deck.  With a draft of less than 30cm and built from robust polyethylene plastic, you don’t have to worry about nudging the rocks when assisting activities close to the shore.  For conditions like these the Multi can easily carry 10 people and still have fun on the plane.

Another busy day for Workboat UK's Multi as Standby boat for IYE on Loch Lomond

The Multi MkIII as standby boat for IYE at Loch Lomond Shores as paddlers enjoy the activities available ….that will be busy once the sun starts to shine!

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