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Workboat UK expands into Pontoon Hire

WorkboatUK now have modular pontoons available for hire.  These are robust HDPU plastic units which can be secured together to create the pontoon shape you require.

Each unit is approx 1m x 0.5m with securing lugs on each corner allowing them to be locked together with a neat purpose designed plastic ‘nut and bolt’ type system creating a single pontoon to the shape you require.  They can also be used double stacked as per the photographs of our recent installation below, giving increased working height or increased buoyancy if required.  Once assembled handrails can be installed for safe operations.  The pontoon can be secured on location in a variety of ways.  This can be simply by mooring to an adjacent structure using ropes attached to the lugs; or more elaborate arrangements set in position on an anchor or pile system, secured to a riser chain to allow tidal movement, or just sat on the marsh!

Transferring from road trailer to truck

Pontoon can be road hauled by trailer or truck. They can be lifted into position by manpower or crane.

Standard marine application

Pontoon in use at Portsoy providing easy and safe access for St. Ayles skiff crews.

Crane deployment

Deploying by flatbed crane into river for bridge access works

These pontoons are used in endless situations:  as a bridge over a muddy swamp, anchored out from a shore for water events such as swimming or boating, as an access platform for work on bridges and other structures in rivers, lochs and estuaries, a floating scaffold platform, a quick and simple stage, a floating platform for a show stand.  They can even have a flooring cover installed and used as a floating base for an marquee for that particularly special event.

We would be delighted to discuss your potential requirements and explore how a pontoon can give a safe and effective solution.