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Our primary hire boat is the Pioner Multi.  This provides you with a well established robust and reliable workboat, and due to its unique landing craft style bow door, the Multi is an extremely versatile boat.  You can also access a range of equally reliable, robust and versatile small workboats available for work boat hire around the UK.  Our fleet continues to expand providing an ever increasing range of activities our vessels can support.  Please call to discuss your marine needs, we are continually looking to expand to support the demand for marine equipment hire.

Efficient Access to the right boat

From finding us online to receiving your final invoice, we want to make your boat hire experience both dependable and efficient.  We are aware that many customers fully understand the advantages our workboats offer and come to us for that reason.  Equally, many come to us looking for more information and guidance on the best suited equipment for your task.  We want all our customers to be happy we have delivered the optimum package for your needs.  This includes us making sure it is fully compliant with relevant safety and Maritime regulations, the boat, engine and road trailer are all fully maintained and  ready to perform to your expectations at great value, UK wide.

We know every boat is a compromise.   However, if we feel our fleet cannot offer a good option for your task, rest assured, we will let you know.


Put our knowledge to work for you.  We will guide you through all the steps necessary to ensure you get the level of service you are looking for:

  • Helping to confirm the full specification of the boat, engine and road transport;
  • Clarifying the rules and regulations for the specific boat application and road towing and ensuring compliance for your needs;
  • Delivering a full briefing on use of your boat and trailer; 
  • Ensuring the boat is set up for satisfaction of use;
  • Off hire boat checks and quick clear invoicing with no surprises!


Workboat UK has evolved from a business with over 40 years experience delivering market leading products and services to the leisure and marine industry.

Professional Pride

You’ll find there’s a pride involved in our work.  At WorkboatUK.com we intend to provide you with the small work boat you need, prepared to the precise specification for the working conditions.  Your work boat can be modified by skilled technicians in our specially equipped workshop, it will be fully maintained and ready for reliable service from day one of your contract.

Please remember to enjoy using the boat!  Then simply hand the work boat back to us.  Job done.

Need a Work Boat in a hurry?

Reliable, Robust Work Boat Hire Services throughout the UK

For Inshore or Inland Marine Applications:

Rescue & Safety  /  Sport & Leisure  / Construction & Maintenance








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