Bow door deployed

Bow door gives easy access for beach loading

Keep an eye on our fleet as the range grows to suit all needs.  Initially we are focusing on our familiar range of the renowned and respected Pioner boats from Norway, the primary work boat being the Multi Mk3 with the lowering bow door.  We are also reviewing aluminium landing craft style workboats and will gladly discuss other specific vessels in response to demand.

pioner work boats for hire

Raising the bow door as the Multi Mk3 pulls back from the beach

Made using rotation-moulded polyethylene, the Pioner boats are extremely rugged and durable.  They have a double skin design so even with severe deck flooding they remain buoyant and will self drain.  And this is not just the theory, many of these boats have been sold to the Fire and Rescue Services around the UK, and they know how to test equipment close to its limits, and flooding has been successfully tested!

If you are looking for a boat to go out into the most severe conditions where flooding or significant green water onboard is likely, then a RIB may offer more comfort (if comfort is the word?) with its greater flotation tubes and less deck space to flood.  However, the Pioner Multi Mk3 is very able to take a moderate to big sea and with its catamaran hull the Multi grips the water well and gives a secure feel to its ride.  It offers a much larger clear working deck space than most RIB set ups, so in conditions where it is appropriate to be working a small boat, the Multi can offer great advantages.  You can be far more relaxed about handling heavy gear like chains, anchors or even fish hooks over the sides and on the deck of the rigid plastic Multi.  The Multi drop down bow door also offers great versatility for loading equipment, people and wheelchair access while shoreside.  It can also be used in appropriate conditions on the water where it makes the Multi the easiest boat of this size to recover people and equipment.  It is clear why this boat is such a popular standby and rescue boat.

Being polyethylene, very little maintenance is required.  In fact many of these boats are left upside down lochside year round.  Left afloat Pioner boats will self drain so you don’t need to check if the batteries have been flattened by the bilge pump after two days of rain.

These boats can be set up from a basic hull with oars to fully modified to suit your specific needs.  The Multi’s standard spreads range from a single console with a 40HP Yamaha engine to a fully coded Cat 3 (restricted) with seat/lockers, liferaft, double console, full safety equipment and a 70HP Yamaha; and everything in between.  The Yamaha outboards have an excellent track record on performance and reliability making them the obvious choice to compliment the boats.

To complete the set the latest Multi Mk3’s are delivered on a purpose built Respo road trailer which gives the easiest launch and recovery we’ve experienced.  The trailer is rated at 1350kg giving plenty of capacity for boat engine and fuel.




Sail Caledonia race support

Sail Caledonia: deploying the cans for racing on Loch Ness

But there’s something else.  These craft are also extremely stable. The Steady 400 in particular is an astonishingly capable and secure platform.  If you have employees performing critical tasks on difficult water, you want them to be in one of these.  They’ll thank you for it.

Steady 400 work boat

The Steady 400 – “stand up” stable!