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Pioner Multi Mk 3


Pioner Multi Mk3

Key Points

  • Enormous carrying capacity
  • Superb sea keeping abilities
  • Unique bow door

Huge reserves of buoyancy make the Pioner Multi an ideal utility boat. Which means that you can take advantage of good handling characteristics and a large carrying capacity in the same craft.

Thanks to a soft entry bow and a newly designed catamaran like hull, the Pioner Multi has superb sea keeping abilities and handling that would challenge most sports boats. Yet it still gives you a carrying capacity of 1,160kg.

The unique bow entry system (width of bow port 92cm) can be easily lowered by winch and can be locked at any height for loading. The door is wide enough to permit most wheelchairs, which makes loading heavy or bulky items effortless.

These features make the Pioner Multi the popular choice for a wide range of activities.  These craft are regularly deployed as highly effective, safe and reliable workboats used by harbour authorities, Highland estates and construction sites.
It is also used as a dive boat for Police diving units, Fire Brigades and sports divers.

Standard Features                           

  • 3x splash proof lockers
  • Battery locker
  • Self draining
  • Bow door

Optional Features

  • Mini console
  • Double console
  • Windscreen
  • Grab rail
  • A-frame with navigation lights
  • Handrails
Technical Data
Model Multi III
Weight 430kg
Length x width 530cm x 215cm
Max persons 8
Engine power 50-80 HP
Shaft length Long
Control cable 325
Gas/ Shift cable 350
Colours Red, Darkline