Hire Services

  • Full range of boat hire available all over the UK.  Pontoon hire now also available.
  • Rates:  Boats are hired on a day, week or month basis with rates to reflect the duration, contact us for latest rates to reflect the boat package you require.
  • Delivery:  We can deliver the boat on a road trailer to your site at a charge, or you can arrange to have the boat ready to pick up from our local (or at least nearest!) UK agent.  We will brief your driver on the specific use of the trailer covering launch and recovery of the boat and road use. We will ensure road checks on lights, number plate, securing straps etc are carried out before leaving our site (you will need to provide your own number plate).  Please ensure you are aware of the legal requirements for towing for both vehicle and driver, see our Guidance – Road Towing page.
  • Briefing on use of the boat:  We will brief your nominated boat skipper how to use and operate the boat, how to maintain the engine.  Manuals and safety guidance will be provided to the level required.  If you require a boat coded for use on waters categorised as ‘at sea’, you will be responsible for providing suitably qualified skipper and crew.   See guidance page.  Contact us if further conversation is required on training and qualifying your workforce to crew the boat.  Please advise if you require a qualified crew to be provided with the boat as we do provide a crewed boat service on occasions.
  • Insurance:  You will be required to insure the boat throughout the time you have it on hire, including any road haulage by yourselves.   Prior to any hire boat leaving our, or our agents site, a Certificate of Insurance clearly demonstrating the boat and trailer are insured for the intended use covering a minimum of £3m PL must be received by our office.
  • Your use of the boat:  Typical hire uses cover an extensive range, from fully kitted safety boat to using a boat as a floating ‘barrow’ to assist pond planting, with plenty in between.  Overnight standby boat, sheep & flood rescue, remote loch or lake survey work, work platform for welding and structure inspections, moving and handling of building materials.  Durations range from a single day hire to six months and more.  Should the duration extend beyond the regular engine service period, we may attend site or change the boat to ensure the expected high level of reliability is maintained.  Call us to discuss your particular need and we will enjoy developing the specification with you.
  • Coded or non coded?  We can advise on your specific activity and area of use for a boat and whether a Coded boat is required or not, and if so, to what level, sea area Category and skipper qualifications required.  We can provide boats coded for various sea area category waters.
  • Guidance on towing on public roads.
Multi on Collieston beach

Workboat Multi ready to go.

Aqua Dock pontoons available for hire

Pontoons in use at Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival – the day after