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Engines – Outboard Petrol Or Electric Motors

Yamaha motors for work boat hire

Outboard Motor Options

Yamaha power units are provided to suit the purpose of your workboat.  Critically, the units we provide with our hire boats are less than 3 years old.   This means they are extremely reliable, well maintained and feature the latest design innovations.  All will be electric start (unless a small engine is required on one of our smaller boat models) and sized to suit the boat and required use.  You can take advantage of the standard packages set up on the regular boats as listed.   These boat specifications will suit most applications, check out the ‘Hire Fleet’ page.

You may want to call to discuss your specific outboard motor application for any hire boat.  We can advise on availability and suitable outboard motor packages to suit your intended use.

As a Yamaha dealer, we can provide any size engine or electric motor to suit the boat and the intended use.  Including a boat with no engine at all!  Occasionally oars, a pull rope or a small electric motor are the preferred set up for the use.  We can provide these options and modify or adapt boats to match your needs.

Our standard set up ranges includes:

  1. Pioner Multi with 70Hp Yamaha – to suit higher speed or distance boating with multiple passengers such as safety boat.
  2. Pioner Multi / Pioner 17 with 60Hp Yamaha – to suit higher speed or distance boating with multiple passengers such as safety boat or survey work
  3. Pioner Multi with 40HP Yamaha – ideal for workboat use, steady control required but long distance or planeing speed is not required.
  4. Steady 400 / Viking with 40HP Yamaha – ideal for distance and planeing use with multiple passengers, light workboat, small safety, survey, fishing, touring sheltered waters etc.
  5. Steady 400 / / Viking with 20Hp Yamaha – ideal for light workboat, tender to other activities, lighter weight for easier access to remote waterways.
  6. Electric Drive motors, Yamaha M12, M18, M20 and M26 – for slower speed applications especially on reservoirs or areas where exhaust or noise pollution are a concern. These can be a simple and convenient drive for many applications, most suited to the smaller boats.