You will already be familiar with safety procedures and requirements for your project.  However as soon as you think about putting workers in a boat, on water, other agencies like to get involved.

The location of your work boat deployment and the job you expect it to do may raise further safety and regulatory issues for your project.

We can support and advise you throughout the process of certification and compliance with the relevant Maritime and Safety legislation.

Compliance is likely to be required in one, or all, of the following areas:

  1. UK Legislation, the Merchant Shipping Regulations as administered by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) through Regulations, Guidance and Codes for working in particular categories of water, where the chosen craft may be required comply and be marked with the relevant “MCA Coding”.
  2. EU and UN regulations, directives and decisions.
  3. Local byelaws.

Of course, we deal with these regulations and requirements on a regular basis.  You can take advantage of our experience in these matters to make sure your work boat is as safe as can be – and complies with statutory regulation.