Workboat UK expands into Pontoon Hire

WorkboatUK now have modular pontoons available for hire.  These are robust HDPU plastic units which can be secured together to create the pontoon shape you require.

Each unit is approx 1m x 0.5m with securing lugs on each corner allowing them to be locked together with a neat purpose designed plastic ‘nut and bolt’ type system creating a single pontoon to the shape you require.  They can also be used double stacked as per the photographs of our recent installation below, giving increased working height or increased buoyancy if required.  Once assembled handrails can be installed for safe operations.  The pontoon can be secured on location in a variety of ways.  This can be simply by mooring to an adjacent structure using ropes attached to the lugs; or more elaborate arrangements set in position on an anchor or pile system, secured to a riser chain to allow tidal movement, or just sat on the marsh!

Transferring from road trailer to truck

Pontoon can be road hauled by trailer or truck. They can be lifted into position by manpower or crane.

Standard marine application

Pontoon in use at Portsoy providing easy and safe access for St. Ayles skiff crews.

Crane deployment

Deploying by flatbed crane into river for bridge access works

These pontoons are used in endless situations:  as a bridge over a muddy swamp, anchored out from a shore for water events such as swimming or boating, as an access platform for work on bridges and other structures in rivers, lochs and estuaries, a floating scaffold platform, a quick and simple stage, a floating platform for a show stand.  They can even have a flooring cover installed and used as a floating base for an marquee for that particularly special event.

We would be delighted to discuss your potential requirements and explore how a pontoon can give a safe and effective solution.

Workboat UK introduces the concept of boat hire at the Rescue3 Europe Technical Rescue Conference and Exhibition

Workboat UK intorduces the boat hire concept at Rescue 3 Europe Technical Rescue Show

Workboat UK adds colour to the variety of equipment on show at the Rescue 3 Europe Technical Rescue Conference and Exhibition in Llangollen on 26th April 2017

Workboat UK make first appearance at Rescue 3 Europe Technical Rescue Conference and Exhibition

The Pioner Multi was a familiar sight for many of the delegates at this years Technical Rescue Conference …not because a Multi has been at the show before but because it is a well established and popular boat for any flood rescue fleet.  This show saw many of the UK’s highly trained and experienced rescuers gather for a week packed with training, sharing experiences through conference presentations and witnessing the latest rescue equipment and procurement options available.  Delegates came to the stand to discuss their belief and confidence in the boat for flood rescue service, with many of the Fire & Rescue Service teams putting into action and conducting regular training on various models of the Pioner Multi.  It was great to hear just how effective and reliable these Pioner boat and Yamaha engine combinations are and how impressed the users are with this product.

Fun getting the boats to the stands

Many thanks to all those who helped to get the boats safely in and positioned. A good fun test to a team of rescuers rope and teamwork!

So having sold these boats to the rescue service and voluntary groups,  Caley Marine being represented at the show by its new hire division, Workboat UK, with the tried and tested Pioner Multi and Yamaha engine combination was no surprise….but maybe the idea to hire this equipment was?

Introducing the Boat Hire concept

The show hosted a good variety of boats including classic inflatables such as the Zodiac MilPro and the Excel, the Acrtic Jet boat and ourselves showing two of the Cipax / Pioner range with the Multi MkIII taking prime position and giving a touch and feel opportunity of its unique bow door.

The key conversation for Workboat UK however was to open the conversation of flood response boat hire.  In a modern world of ever increasing capability and an even higher public expectation on safety, response and rescue support from our public services, voluntary and professional groups, there is a balance to be established imposed by the very real financial constraints.  At Workboat UK we are aware that as a result of learnings from past tragedies, registers are being drawn up of rescue support facilities and skills available to call upon within regions.  This is a great idea with the objective to ensure local available facilities can be engaged where standard response services are not available, inadequate or just a greater spread of facilities will hugely increase the chances of recovering survivors.

At Workboat UK We hope that the opportunity to have these recognised rescue boats available for hire will contribute to the availability and readiness of rescue services; whether the hire is long term, for specific high risk periods, on a retention basis for access as required or another arrangement, we believe hiring can offer a far more manageable, acceptable and justifiable financial arrangement allowing access for more groups to commit to expanding their facilities.  We look forward to your feedback on this option.

Multi MkIII with bow door open.

Bow door dropped – The Multi MkIII gave a clear demonstration of its USP.

Workboat UK first hire clocks up 1 month.

Workboat Multi supporting IYE paddlers

IYE using Multi MkIII to support paddlers exploring Loch Lomond.

Check out ‘In Your Element’ Take a look at IYE offering fun on the water at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch.  Seen here using Workboat UK’s first hired Multi MkIII to help keep everyone safe.

Pioner Multi ‘in it’s element’!

The workboat landing craft type vessel is ideal for safety standby and rescue activities with the capacity to lower the bow door.  Lowering the bow door makes it easy to recover people or canoes, paddle boards, walk on water balls or other equipment from the water onto the deck.  With a draft of less than 30cm and built from robust polyethylene plastic, you don’t have to worry about nudging the rocks when assisting activities close to the shore.  For conditions like these the Multi can easily carry 10 people and still have fun on the plane.

Another busy day for Workboat UK's Multi as Standby boat for IYE on Loch Lomond

The Multi MkIII as standby boat for IYE at Loch Lomond Shores as paddlers enjoy the activities available ….that will be busy once the sun starts to shine!

Work Boats At Work

Here’s an example of the Pioner Multi at work.

20110609161520The Pioner Multi is a steady platform for welding activity.  Lowering the innovative bow door provides access you can get from no other boat.