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Welcome to our Workboat UK website where you will gain a clear picture of who we are, how we go about our business and what business services we can offer you.

Workboat UK is a new company established to deliver marine hire services.  Our core business is the hire of work boats and pontoons.  These services originate from our partner company Caley Marine who have 40+ years delivering marine engineering services to the commercial and leisure markets and 20+ years specifically delivering Pioner boats to the UK market. Caley Marine are the UK importer of this popular and well proven range of small boats; providing anything from fully prepared bespoke work boats to bare hulls for customers and agents around the country, and everything in between.  Caley Marine have an extensive range of customers with equally varying uses and needs for their boats.  A major component of the activity is from the flagship of the Pioner range, the extremely versatile Pioner Multi.  The Workboat UK hire fleet starts with this Pioner Multi at the core, whilst expanding to support market demand for other small work boats and pontoons.

Who we are

Workboat UK enjoys a partnership with the Caley Marine team who prepare boats for sales and service and maintain boats in private and commercial ownership.  The leadership and hands on support come from dedicated Workboat UK Managing Director John Hitchcock and the Caley Marine and Workboat UK Director Jamie Hogan.  Jamie is a highly respected leader in the industry demonstrating his notorious personal touch and friendly service across the range of successful and well established businesses of Caley Marina, Inverness Marina, Dolphin Spirit and others.  John clearly shows his passion for all things boating and has a similar reputation for personal and friendly service.  He has a background in Project Management and enjoys an extensive range of boating experience from sailing to Scottish Coastal Rowing   With the vast and varied experience of Caley Marine, skills such as qualified boat skippers, marine engineering and fabrication are also available and our skills and training continue to grow all the time.

How we go about our business

Our aim is to ensure our team are clear in what they need to deliver, competent to deliver it and safe in how they go about it.  This is essential to underpin the level of service you will come to enjoy from Workboat UK. To ensure our involvement in your project runs better than you had hoped for, we focus on fully understanding your needs and objectives.  Combine this with with our ethos of only using high quality equipment and ensuring thorough checks and maintenance routines are completed before and after every hire, we believe you will recognise our pride in delivering an enviable level of service, at a fair budget and on time.  We aim to provide a service you will want to use again and let others know about.  

But we don’t stop there, we need to hear your feedback on how we can improve and expand to offer further services you are looking for, both for level of service and range of equipment.  We look forward to your help.

The Services we offer

Work Boat & Pontoon Hire

Pioner Multi:  Our primary hire boat is the Pioner Multi.  This provides you with a well proven robust and reliable workboat, and due to its unique landing craft style bow door, the Multi is an extremely versatile boat.  You can also access a range of equally reliable, robust and versatile small workboats available for work boat hire around the UK.  Flick through the site pages to see the detail.

Pontoons:   Pontoon hire is also now available.  You can hire a pontoon designed to suit the size and shape you need.   Each pontoon is assembled from modular units of 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m dimensions.  They can be single layer or double stacked for increased height or buoyancy.  They are usually pre-assembled into slabs for quicker installation, but can be assembled from individual units for complex shapes or where access is constrained.   The HDPU modules are very robust making them ideal for endless applications, we’d love to hear if you have a new use!?  

Aluminium Workboats:  We are continually looking to grow the spread of equipment and services available to support the demand for marine plant hire.  We are current investigating suitable aluminium landing craft to compliment the fleet, so please contact us if you have a use for such a vessel to ensure we can tailor our fleet to real market needs   Please call to discuss your marine needs


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